Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Charlottesville is growing and I know why!

For someone like me (a TRUE Charlottestonian!) understanding why Charlottesville is such a great place to live is second nature. We have all the amenities of a big city coupled with a very healthy dose of small town charm. But it seems that the secret is out! I am happy to say that Charlottesville is growing and why not?

Fine restaurants, wonderful people and a forward looking vision towards the future is what makes this town the perfect place for families and singles alike. Albemarle County and Charlottesville are currently part of a larger state wide trend that is seeing growth mostly in the urban areas.

Estimates state that in 2010 48,000+ people lived in Charlottesville as of July of 2015 reflecting a 10.9% raise in population since the 2010 census. That’s a pretty healthy increase in residents and even the county of Albemarle has experienced a 6.4% increase but Charlottesville is leading the way!

So why such a big change? Well, as I stated earlier Charlottesville is progressive but not “too big” to be friendly. The schools provide a very good education to students but are much different than schools in large cities. People here still know who their neighbors are and that certain “small town feel” that has been lost in major cities is still alive and well.

One can still enjoy a leisurely walk downtown on a cool spring evening and say hello to passersby. That’s something that just doesn’t happen in the Big Apple! I say welcome to all of our new residents and I hope you enjoy living here as part of a growing and loving community that you can be proud of.

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