Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sure it’s the thrill of a lifetime, but now what?

As you are no doubt aware of by now, the largest lottery jackpot in history was divided amongst 3 winners recently. How much did they win? Well, the total California Powerball jackpot was worth $1.586 billion. Roughly speaking that’s about $528 million per winner. I can’t even imagine having that much money!

The thought of finding one’s self with so much money at one time is an intriguing thought to say the least and I wonder how much my life would change if I was one of those 3 people? I love what I do and can’t imagine retiring so I think that I would continue to work. Sure, everybody says that but eventually they all quit their jobs for a life of leisure, right? But what would I do? What would you do?

I suppose it’s all fun and games when you first receive the money. You can buy the house of your dreams (or more than one!), you can get that awesome truck or car you’ve seen in all the magazines, you can travel the world…. But then what?

We’ve all seen many times where celebrities achieve fame and fortune only to go “off the rails” with a drinking or drug problem that becomes too big for them to handle. Sometimes their behavior takes a turn for the worse as well. We’ve all read many times about that famous actor that’s been arrested for one reason or another. I wonder if boredom becomes the dominant attribute in the lives of people that have no need to do anything they don’t want to do?

How many times can you drive your Lamborghini around before it gets boring? Surely a nice trip on your yacht could be fun but with whom and where would you go? I think that anything can get tiresome after a while no matter how much time and money you possess. In the end if you have no friends and family to share your good fortune with maybe the money is really not that big of a thrill.

Speaking only for myself maybe the point of having so much money is to enjoy helping others. There are countless charities in the world and getting involved with your own time could be a good reason to wake up every morning. We all need a purpose in our lives and I don’t think that money provides us with one. Perhaps money is the means to help others that are not so fortunate and maybe that is the lasting thrill of winning so much money.

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