Monday, January 11, 2016

How to write your blog ethically and effectively

Obviously the reason that most people, no, ALL people write a blog is to bring attention to themselves. It may be for business or for personal reasons but no one writes a blog in hopes that no one will read it, right? So, if you are writing your blog to be noticed for business purposes where do you draw the line between ethical and not so ethical?

Well, first of all it should go without saying that lying or exaggerating the truth for financial gain is the worst thing that you could ever do. These types of business practices can often be effective for a short period of time but eventually your readers will catch on and in the end you will be right back where you started, actually, worse. In any business reputation is the most important asset that you will ever own and if you ruin this you will never experience long term success.

It is also important to understand that when writing for your business you need to be able to persuade people to do what you want them to do but this doesn’t mean you are being selfish or self centered with only your goals in mind. A good business relationship with a client means doing what is right for both parties involved, not just yourself. This is where honesty and ethics play an important role.

Sure it’s nice to sell a million dollar mansion to a client but if it is stretching their budget a bit too far, should that really be your goal? I suggest that this is always the wrong thing to do and it is best for all parties involved if you help you client to find something they love at a price that they can afford. Of course this does not only apply to other real estate agents but to people in all industries and services. Why sell a car to someone that they simply will not be able to afford? It’s both silly and wrong.

Now that I have explained what I think is an ethical way of doing business let’s get back to the topic at hand. Your marketing style should reflect your ethics and the fact that that you are there to help everyone, not just those that can afford the very best of what you have to offer. A client wants a 10 bedroom estate, no problem! A client wants a modest 2 bedroom home in an area with convenient public transportation? No problem – but does your marketing make this clear to readers?

If you want to be truly successful you must be able to help anyone and everyone that asks for your assistance.  Does a bakery care who buys their bread? Does a shoe store ask you about your profession before being willing to serve you? While your profession (like mine) may be income related as to what we are able to offer to a client you should be able to accommodate almost anyone that is willing to work with you even if they are not looking for the most expensive house or service available. If you can get this point across in your blog than you will find that your opportunities will be greatly increased and more importantly, you will be appreciated.

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