Friday, January 22, 2016

Have you seen the next generation Boeing airplanes? Pretty cool!

If you travel for business or pleasure than you just might find the future of plane designs to be a nice change.  Boeing has announced some very futuristic designs that they intend to implement in their new planes that will make flying a very different experience indeed.

To begin with the entire ceiling of the aircraft will be one big projection screen! It could be a starry sky at night or a beautiful blue sky during the perfect summer day. Either way it’s sure to provide the plane with an “open” feel never before available to passengers. If you are one of those people that feel a bit claustrophobic on an airplane this should make you feel much more comfortable and less restricted.

Future Boeing aircraft will also provide what is being described as “mood lighting” in order to make travel more relaxing. Giant curved screens in first class will be another welcome addition if you can afford to fly in style. First class passengers will also enjoy some very high tech lie flat seats and some may even have their very own flat screen with updated flight information. Automated doors will separate cabins and will be very much like the doors we’ve all seen on Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise!

First class and business class passengers will benefit the most and another upgrade they will enjoy will be a very futuristic bar with food and drinks. While the screens behind the seats in economy class will be a bit bigger than we see now, the seats will be 10 across and leg room will remain almost non-existent. Although budget flyers won’t see as many improvements as those in 1st class the experience overall will be better for everyone on the plane. As of now no target date has been announced for when these innovations will appear on the planes.

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