Thursday, January 14, 2016

Can a home be too ugly to sell?

We’ve all seen it many times before. Pictures of a home for sale that looks like it was recently hit by a force 5 hurricane! Perhaps you may have thought to yourself “THAT home is never going to sell”, but you just might be wrong.

The truth is that the real estate market is alive with investors that are looking for just such a home. There’s plenty of opportunity in any home for sale provided that the price is fair for what the condition of the property is at that time. There are countless “diamonds in the rough” in the real estate universe and experienced investors know exactly what they need to make a future profit.

While the average home seeker is looking for the perfect home for their family the investor is looking for something that can be turned into someone else’s dream home. In fact, ugly is often synonymous with cheap and that is a winning combination for investors. It’s fair to say that this is one situation where ugly can be beautiful!

So, can a home bee too ugly to sell? NEVER. It’s all about the marketing. Trying to sell a handyman special to a busy family of 4 may not be the best approach but if interested buyers are looking for something less than perfect those are the people that need to be marketed to.

It’s also important to remember that there is no shame in selling a rundown home because your finances simply don’t allow for you to make the repairs it requires. Why not allow someone else to do the “dirty work” and restore the home to the condition it deserves to be in? That’s a much better solution than allowing a home to deteriorate to the point that it begins to affect the home values throughout the entire neighborhood. That’s a downward spiral where nobody wins.

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