Monday, December 21, 2015

Meet 4 Year Old Prestyn Barnette – My Newest Hero

I have written many blogs about countless things but none has touched me more than the one you are reading right now. 4 year old Prestyn Barnette was a bit shy when meeting Santa at the local mall where he lives in Columbia., S.C. At first he asked Santa for a toy train but his next request was one that this mall Santa had never heard before; he asked Saint Nick to pray for a sick baby that he had learned about via his grandmother’s prayer group on Facebook.

Santa then got down and prayed together with little Prestyn. According to his grandmother some of the bystanders also took part in the prayer. Also present that day was Prestyn’s aunt Rebekah and she had the presence of mind to snap a quick photo as her nephew and Santa prayed together. She then posted it on her Facebook and it didn’t take very long for the photo to go viral.

It all started on November 30th when 2 month old Baby Knox Joseph was discovered not breathing in his crib. His father was able to successfully provide CPR until help arrived and that no doubt saved the little angel’s life. The family then asked for prayer requests on their Facebook page and little Prestyn became aware of it via his grand mom’s prayer group on Facebook. Sometimes the internet can be a wonderful thing.

According to the family doctors had actually advised them to take the baby off of life support but they refused to give up hope. Currently baby Knox is on a respirator and will require medical attention for some time in the future. It was reported by a local news affiliate that Prestyn has visited a Build-A-Bear Workshop to create a unique, one of a kind gift for Baby Knox. His aunt stated that “We wanted to send him something he can hear, feel and let him know we were there”.

If you would like to help you can go to the Baby Knox gofundme page. Every little bit helps. Just ask my new hero, little Prestyn Barnette.

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