Friday, December 4, 2015

Is your work-life balanced? Take this quiz to find out.

One of the most difficult things to do in our lives is to find a healthy balance between work and our personal lives. Although this is something that we all strive for, many of us simply can’t seem to get it right. A big part of the problem may be the type of profession that you work in.

A recent study from Glassdoor suggests that jobs in the tech and marketing industry seem to offer the greatest flexibility in managing our work schedule to make more time for family and friends. Of the top 25 most “flexible” jobs in the survey, 15 of them are in fact part of one of those 2 specific work fields.

Overall however the study also reveals that an increasing number of workers are dissatisfied with their balance between work and the rest of their lives. On a scale of 1 -5 the average rating that most people gave to their current employment was only a 3.2.

So why do tech jobs and marketing positions seem to offer the greatest flexibility to employees? First of all both types of employment often allow for flexible work hours as well as the ability to sometimes work from home. Many tech companies offer perks such as on-site gyms and even unlimited vacation policies. In addition the specific demand for data scientists allows them more negotiating power when deciding their work schedule.

Here are the top 25 jobs voted by workers as offering the best work-balance available in today’s workplace. If you would like to find out if you have a healthy balance of the 2 you can take the following quiz “Is Your Work-Life Balance Healthy?” to find out.

TOP 25 Jobs that Offer a Healthy Balance
Data scientist: $114,808
SEO manager: $45,720
Talent acquisition specialist: $63,504
Social media manager: $40,000
Substitute teacher: $24,380
Recruiting coordinator: $44,700
UX designer: $91,440
Digital marketing manager: $70,052
Marketing assistant: $32,512
Web developer: $66,040
Risk analyst: $69,088
Civil engineer: $65,532
Client manager: $71,120
Instructional designer: $66,040
Marketing analyst: $60,000
Software QA engineer: $91,440
Web designer: $53,848
Research technician: $36,525
Program analyst: $71,120
Data analyst: $58,928
Content manager: $60,960
Solutions engineer: $92,456
Lab assistant: $27,550
Software developer: $80,000
Front-end developer: $75,000

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