Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to prove to your child that Santa is real!

It’s something that happens to every parent sooner or later, the dreaded “Is Santa real?” question from our little angel. When I was little Santa Claus was the most exciting part of Christmas and I can remember the first time another child said to me that there was no Santa Claus and that my mom and dad were the real gift givers.

Naturally I didn’t really believe it but I still felt the need for reassurance. My mom laughed and said “The children that don’t believe in Santa are the ones that don’t get any gifts from him”. That was good enough for me and for a while all was right with the world. I can still remember how upset I was when I finally did realize that Santa wasn’t real. The following Christmas just wasn’t the same.

We all need to grow up some time but in my opinion the longer our children can hold on to the magic of Santa and the Tooth Fairy the more they can enjoy the wonders of childhood. Those times are precious and the memories we take with us will last forever.

If you want to show your child that Santa Claus is real, here are a few ideas!

First of all you could have a letter sent from Santa right to your home addressed to your little one. There are numerous services on the internet that will do this for you and the cost is negligible. It’s a fun thing to do even if your child does still believe.

And what could be better than reading a book about Santa at bed time to your child? This is a long lost tradition for the most part but it is still a great way to spend some quality time together every night. Another great way to have some fun together is to use the internet to track Santa’s movements on Xmas eve! You can go to  to see exactly where Santa and his reindeer are at every moment during his yearly journey around the world. You can do the same thing using the Google Santa Tracker as well. Even The Weather Channel will help to keep you informed of his progress throughout the night.

Another great idea (my favorite) is to set up a hidden camcorder or cell phone to record Santa when he sneaks in on Christmas Eve. You could rent, borrow or buy a Santa suit when your child is not home and prerecord Santa as he places the gifts under the tree and enjoys a few of the cookies that you left for him. On Xmas Eve you hide the camera with your little one and the next day both of you can watch Santa together!

The fun that you can have with your child at Christmas time is limited only to your imagination and why not help them to hold on to those most precious years of childhood?

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