Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Do you have a Black Friday story to share?

Every year at this time we all hear the various “horror” stories that occur on Black Friday but most of the time it’s nothing too terrible. Maybe there are a lot of stories dealing with just how rude and inconsiderate some people are towards others during this yearly shopping event but some stories are worse than others.

Some of the stories circulating this year (and in the past) include the store associate that had to deal with a customer that had called 911 because this particular retailer was not able to “price match” an item with the same item being offered at Best Buy for a lower price. Not too terrible, right?

 Then there is the story about the security guard that did nothing more horrendous than walk into the front door to report for duty when he was instantly punched in the face by a customer that thought he was trying to “skip” to the front of the line. Maybe some people think that the crime would fit the punishment in this case but I certainly would not agree.

Did you hear about the Walmart employee that received a cut on the hand by being pushed by a customer? Apparently he was assigned the “dangerous” task of cutting open the pallets on the floor that were there in anticipation of the Black Friday rush that was soon to come. In the madness to reach the “magic pallet of goodies” he was knocked down by customers and cut his hand on the knife cutter that he was holding but it doesn’t end there. After having his injury treated the employee returned to work only to be punched in the face by a “competing” customer as he dared to pick up a CD that was lying on the floor.

I think that one of the worst stories I ever heard about Black Friday madness happened a few years ago. During the rush of bargain happy shoppers to get to the goodies one lady was knocked to the ground. Unfortunately the pen that she was holding ended up in her neck and thankfully did not pierce her jugular vein.

Would it surprise you to know that no one stopped to help her but instead stepped over her body as she was slumped on the floor to continue shopping? Just to add insult to injury when the ambulance crew arrived they had to literally push shoppers out of their way to get to the injured and bleeding woman. If not for the actions of a store associate that prevented the poor woman from being trampled this story could have ended much differently.

Maybe Black Friday is a good thing for most people and a great way to buy something that they otherwise could not afford but what is the true price that some people pay for daring to venture out on the most famous (or infamous) shopping day of the year?

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