Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Are you with the wrong Internet Service Provider?

Most of the time the majority of us are satisfied with the company that we have chosen to provide us with internet access. There are times, of course when we may not be satisfied with the service that we receive. For me there are only 2 criteria that must be met by my ISP; they are consistency and speed. I must have reliable access to the internet whenever I need it and I simply don’t have the time to deal with slow connection speeds. Without this access my business would be seriously affected.


Have you ever wondered if you have chosen the right ISP for your needs? Last November Netflix compiled data from all of their 30 million customers in an effort to determine the best ISP’s available to consumers in the U.S. Keep in mind that over 1 billion hours of content is viewed every month on Netflix so this is real world analysis and not some slick advertising campaign aimed at getting your business.

The chart to the left lists the top 21 major ISP’s and ranks them according to their average speed. As you can see Google Fiber was the #1 consistently fastest ISP, at least according to Netflix user data. Some other things to note as a result of the survey include the fact that cable works better than DSL, Verizon mobile outperforms AT&T mobile by more than 40% and their Fios fiber is also much better than At&T’s U-verse.

Please keep in mind that these results reflect the average experience for end users and results may differ from one individual to another. Still, it’s nice to see some true field results without any additional “salesmanship” or marketing efforts involved. So how does your ISP rank?

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