Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Transgender bathrooms in your child's school?

I imagine by now that you’re aware of the debate being raged between proponents and advocates of transgender bathroom access in public places. This of course includes the schools, malls, fast food restaurants and other places that our children often visit.

It is important to realize that transgender does not necessarily mean that the person has had a sex change operation. Many transgenders dress and appear to be of the opposite sex but biologically speaking, are not. This is the cause of the huge debate now taking place in states across the country. Simply stated, if your state decides to pass a law that it is illegal to deny a transgender access to the bathroom of their choice, then your son or daughter will be sharing public bathrooms with members of the opposite sex.

As you can imagine this has enraged parents in more conservative areas of the country but supporters insist that their opinion is discriminatory and unfair. Complicating the matter further is the fact that the Department of Justice has stated that not allowing transgender persons to choose which restroom they use is a violation of their civil rights.

I am an open minded person and feel no hatred or animosity towards any particular group of people but I’m not sure that the government should have the right to make this type of decision for me. Do I not have the right to make decisions as a parent without the intervention of the government? We should keep in mind that persons of all ages share public bathrooms. Is a parent incorrect if they are not comfortable with their 10 year old daughter sharing a restroom with a 40 year old biological male? A male, I remind you, that is a total stranger.

Has anyone considered the risks that such a ruling might be to our children? And NO, I’m not talking about the trangenders; I’m talking about opportunistic pedophiles (and other miscreants) that can easily take advantage of this type of situation. What stops a 40 year old male that is attracted to young girls from dressing as a female and heading for the nearest mall? It seems to me that before we go around passing laws of this nature we should consider the safety and comfort level of our children before that of any adults involved in the issue. Or do they have no civil rights?

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