Thursday, September 10, 2015

Don’t believe everything you hear about the divorce rate in the U.S.

For years I’ve been hearing about the ever increasing divorce rate in the U.S. You’ve probably heard the same things as well. One of the most popular myths about divorce in our country is the fact that it is above 50%. I’ve been hearing this one for as long as I can remember but strictly speaking, it’s not true.

While there have been times that the number of divorces has reached 50% it is actually more of a trend and not a continuous pattern. In fact, according to the New York Times' data blog Upshot the divorce rate is actually dropping and has been for a significant period of time. It is true that there were an unusual amount of divorces during the 70’s and 80’s but this trend has not continued.

The latest stats reveal that approximately 70% of marriages that began in the 90’s have already celebrated their 15th anniversary and the divorce rate for couples that married in the 2,000’s is even less. Part of the reason for this very positive change may be the fact that people are waiting longer to get married. In the 1950’s the average woman was married at 20 and the average age for male newlyweds was 23. In 2004, however, the average age of newly married coupled changed to 26 for women and 27 for men.

Regardless of the reasons, marriages in the U.S are enduring much longer than they have in years. In fact, if the current decline in divorce rates continues it is feasible to expect 2 out of every 3 marriages to last a lifetime and that is very good news indeed!

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