Thursday, September 3, 2015

Do you consider texting to be rude?

This is a very interesting question and I believe that the opinion of the person being asked has a lot to do with their age. Have you ever paid close attention to a group of teenagers as they are sitting together and talking? It’s more of a “text fest” and less of a social gathering in my opinion.

Just the other day I noticed a small group of 5 or 6 teenagers sitting together in the mall. They were talking together but every one of them was texting at the same time. Not one of them was looking at anyone else in the group. Is this how we socialize now?

Some people will argue that social media and advances in electronics have brought people more closely together than ever before. I strongly disagree. We no longer talk to people, we talk at them. How easy it is to say something rude or insensitive in a text or email. It’s a lot different when you are looking into the eyes of the person you are insulting. If you don’t think this is true than all you need to do is read the comments section of any YouTube video.  

It’s amazing the things that some people say to others and the hateful language they use to do so. Maybe you think that people have become much more insensitive and rude than they were in the past. Well, this is certainly part of the problem but the main reason that we see so much ugliness today is because IT IS FREE. That’s right, there is no price to pay for what you text, email, or comment about others. It is, in essence, a punishment free crime.

So, back to my original thought: Is it rude to read and send texts while talking with others? Of course it is, but that is the opinion of most of us “older folks” that remember a time when not everyone had a mobile device and a thousand “friends”. For the most part today’s generation thinks it is completely acceptable to text and not look at the person that is talking to you. I remember a time when such actions would cause the teacher to send us to the principal’s office and if you did that to your mom??? Well, let’s just say you would be out of circulation for a time.

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