Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disposable children?

When we think of a child that has been adopted by a couple we often consider how fortunate that child really is. There are many reasons that young people find themselves in this situation and many times finding a permanent home with a loving family is their greatest hope. But did you know that many adoptive parents simply abandon the child if the going gets too rough?

An investigative report released by Reuters and NBC News provides a startling view of what has become known as “underground adoptions”. In reality, this is nothing more than searching for someone on the internet that is willing to take the child off their hands. Usually when this occurs the children are between the ages of 6 and 14 and most of them were adopted from another country. Reuters discovered that an average of one child a week over a 5 year period was being “rehomed” in this way. Funny, it sounds a bit more like abandonment to me.

I suppose that most of the time the so called “parents” simply can’t deal with behavioral issues that they encounter with the child and decide to give him or her away. One “mom” said, and I quote, "I would have given her away to a serial killer, I was so desperate." Yet another made the statement "I am totally ashamed to say it, but we do truly hate this boy!" Can you imagine? People don’t usually say these things about a pet, let alone a person.

While I feel badly for adoptive families that start out wanting to do the right thing, maybe they should remember that we are talking about a person here, not a stray dog. A child is not something that you simply get rid of because of emotional, psychological, health or financial issues.

Being a parent is a lifelong commitment whether you are the biological parent or not. Things don’t always turn out the way we plan but an adult knows when to seek help if required and should keep the well being of the child as their first priority.

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