Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A True Modern Day Mystery that the Government does not Want You to Know

Have you heard of the book “Missing 411”? I’m not here to sell you a book but the mystery surrounding this publication is unbelievable. Today for the most part people scoff at the idea of UFO’s, ghosts, demons, bigfoot and other so called “supernatural” occurrences and this is completely understandable. But there is a new mystery that is not so easily dismissed; it is the unexplained disappearance of people in our national parks throughout the U.S.

You may be thinking what I was thinking when I first heard of this “phenomena”, “Of course people go missing in the wilderness, it’s easily explainable”. This is one of the reasons why this topic has not received a lot of publicity. It seems normal for people to go missing considering the location but when you find out the facts it’s not that simple.

Author David Paulides, among other things, is a former police officer and not the “quack” that you might expect him to be in lieu of the subject matter. He is a level headed, intelligent and thoughtful individual that does not easily jump to conclusions. His quest to bring this topic to the attention of the public began with a tip from a national park ranger. It was he (or she) that first informed Mr. Paulides that something “strange” had been occurring in our national parks and was being kept a secret from the public at large.

David is not a person prone to idle speculation and decided that he would need to do some research before even considering writing about this type of situation. That is exactly what he did. In fact, Mr. Paulides spent more than 9,000 hours over a 4 year period investigating these strange disappearances and what he discovered was amazing. These were not your typical stories of “someone getting lost in the woods”.

First of all, many of these persons disappeared within sight of friends and relatives. Sometimes they were only a few feet away and then….. gone. Secondly, this is not about 5 or 10 unexplained missing person cases, it is about hundreds. In fact, Mr. Paulides’s research has revealed that these unexplained disappearances have been going on since the 1800’s. Analysis of the tremendous amount of data that was collected during the research phase of the book has revealed that there are 28 “clusters” or concentrated areas in which these things occur and that is a pattern, not random missing persons. Certain clusters of disappearances even reveal a pattern related to age and sex. Clearly this is no “accident”.

Just as baffling is the attitude of the National Park Service that refuses to cooperate with investigators and went so far as to state that they keep no list of missing persons and depend upon the memory of employees for such information. Is anyone expected to believe that? For some strange reason many of the missing children involved in these cases have never been placed on any of the national databases that are used for this purpose. There are times that even the search dogs exhibit strange behavior that cannot be explained.

Everything said and done it seems that Mr. Paulides is not some sort of “crackpot” but a thorough and professional investigator that has discovered a true mystery with no apparent explanation. If you are interested in obtaining the book you can do so at David Paulide’s website. This might be your best bet because due to the popularity of the book other sites on the internet are charging much more than the actual price.

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