Friday, August 28, 2015

Patience is a virtue – especially when building a home!

Where you live has a lot to do with how long it takes to have a home built. According to the Census Bureau’s 2014 Survey of Construction the average time that it takes to build a single family residence is about 7 months but if you take into consideration the 25 days to obtain permits and so on the actual building time is around 6 months. But this is an average and varies depending upon what part of the country you reside in.

In the Mountain region of the U.S. one can expect an average construction time of only about 5 ½ months while in the Mid-Atlantic area build time is 8 ½ months for the average home. It’s also interesting to note that eager home buyers can expect to wait an additional 2 months for their completed home in non-metropolitan areas as compared to homes being built within city limits; 9 months on average as compared to only 7. The Mid-Atlantic region is the opposite of this however and building in rural areas is actually faster.

Of course, none of these figures take into account the unexpected such as bad weather, overdue deliveries of materials or the occasional workman that is famous for “missing in action” from time to time. If you’ve built a home before you know what I’m talking about but in the end it’s all worth the wait.

Few things are more exciting that seeing your dream home come to life in front of your very eyes and there is something special about being the first owner of a brand new home. Still, it can be frustrating at times and a little patience will go a long way.

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