Friday, July 3, 2015

Utility costs vary greatly from state to state

Did you ever wonder how your electric bill compares to people that live in other parts of the country? The average U.S. home uses 908 Kwh (kilowatt-hours) per month at a cost of 12 cents each, or, $108.96 but that can vary greatly depending upon your exact location and of course, your local climate.

Idaho is the least expensive state with a cost of about 8 cents per kWh while Hawaii is the most expensive at a whopping 33 cents per kWh. Compared to the monthly U.S. average of only $108 a month, the average Hawaiian resident would pay approximately $300 for the same amount of usage while residents of Idaho would be paying only $73. That equates to a difference of $2,724 a year between the 2 states.

Below is a chart of all 51 states and their average cost of electricity per kWh:

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