Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Lassy Project: Perfect Partner to the Amber Alert System

By now I doubt that there is anyone reading this blog that has not heard of the Amber Alert system that is available if we discover that one of our children is missing. It has proven to be a great success and has helped law enforcement to recover missing children that may otherwise never have been found. For all of the good that it has done, the truth is it is not perfect.

You might be surprised to learn that Amber Alert is not the “instant” plea for help that you thought it was. In reality it takes a minimum of about 4 hours to issue an alert and in some cases much longer than that. 4 hours is an eternity if your child is missing and let’s face it; an abductor can be hundreds of miles away by the time the public is made aware of the situation. Wouldn’t it be better if some type of alert could be issued locally the moment that a child is discovered missing?

Now, thanks to a new free service named the Lassy Project, your local community can be notified of a missing person (not only children) within seconds, and seconds count. The idea is simple but highly effective. With the push of a single button parents can summon the help of their trusted friends, family and neighbors via a text alert the instant that a loved one cannot be located. This group of persons is known as your “Lassy Village” and they can respond much more quickly than law enforcement because they are already in the area.

The Lassy Project was inspired by a local tragedy in a tight knit community in Colorado. It all began with the tragic disappearance of 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway on October 5, 2012. Unfortunately, authorities were not able to locate Jessica in time to save her life. This was, however, the beginning of the Lassy Project that has located a number of missing children since its conception.  

You can become a part of the network for absolutely no cost. For more information you can visit the Lassy Project website here.

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