Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Best and Worst Drivers in the Country – How Does Your State Rank?

There are many experiences in life that we all have in common. Who hasn’t been “cut off” by another driver or watched in astonishment as another vehicle simply rolled right through a stop sign or red light? Just the other day I saw the driver of a minivan do this very thing at a busy intersection and it was little short of a miracle that there was no accident. It could have been an entirely different situation if the other drivers weren’t as alert as they apparently were.

After seeing this particular driver blatantly ignore (or perhaps not even notice) that the traffic signal facing them was red, I began to wonder how my state compared to other parts of the country regarding driving safety. I imagine that most of us assume that the drivers where we live must be amongst the worse in the nation but the truth is that there are considerable differences in your relative safety when driving in different parts of the country.

The following rankings were determined using the following formula: The number of driving related deaths, speed related deaths and drunk driving arrests divided by the state’s population; a very simple (but revealing) way to determine the relative level of risk for drivers in each state.

I wonder if you will are as surprised by the results as I was? Who would have thought that the most dangerous drivers on the road live in highly rural areas such as Wyoming or Missouri? I assumed that the more populated states (such as New York) would be more dangerous to drive in but I was mistaken. In fact, New York and New Jersey ranked 3rd and 4th as having the safest motorists in the country. How do the drivers in your state rank according to this study? If where you live is not in either of the top 10 lists below, I guess it’s fair to assume that the drivers in your state are considered to be somewhat “average” as far as driving ability is concerned.

Top 10 States With the Worst Drivers:
North Dakota
South Dakota
New Mexico

Top 10 States With the Best Drivers:
Washington, D.C.
New York
New Jersey
Rhode Island

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