Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Paranoid or smart?

I often wonder if people feel that there is any privacy left in our country today. What concerns me the most is the absolute necessity to use the internet in business today. I can’t imagine attempting to market any service or product without the use of the internet. And what about telephones? Technology has come a long way since we were children and it’s no secret that our own government has monitored our communications in the past.

Years ago Americans felt secure when using a landline or mobile phone but how do most of us feel now? Technology has come so far in such a short period of time that theoretically anyone could be privy to our most private information. While it is possible to limit what we say about our private lives on the internet or phone, how do we limit what we say about business?

It is possible for a competitor to gain valuable information about our clients and how we operate our business if they really desired to do so. While I’m sure that most small businesses don’t face this type of threat on a daily basis I’m equally confident that big businesses do. Still, what if a competitor did decide to eavesdrop on your various business communications? Keeping our methods and strategies away from competitors is important and what about the confidentiality of our clients? If their personal information were somehow made public we could (and would) face a lawsuit that could easily end our career; even if it wasn’t our fault.

Not so many years ago if I had said these types of things there was a good chance that I might have been considered paranoid and in need of “professional help”. Today, this is not the case. Everyone realizes that their computers and mobile phones can easily be hacked into and there is no iron clad guarantee that it won’t happen.

Long gone are the days of whispering your inner most thoughts to a friend during a private phone conversation and feeling assured that your secret is safe. Today, technology is not only available to the public but it has become very inexpensive. Any would be spy can access your information if it is kept on any type of electronic device. It’s just a matter of someone else having a reason to do so.

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