Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You can be overworked and not even know it

Most of us feel that we can easily tell when we are working too hard but the human body can be quite resilient. We tend to adjust to situations rather quickly and sometimes are not aware of what is apparent to others around us. Sometimes it takes a while for the long hours and stressful days to catch up with us and by then we are near the point of exhaustion. Wouldn’t it be better to recognize the signs of fatigue before we simply collapse?

There are many, many indicators that we need to rest but here are 5 of the most common signals.

You aren’t treating people as nicely as usual
We’ve all seen this one before. When someone seems more irritable than usual, it’s a good bet that they are tired. Not having enough rest is sure to affect our personality and the way that we interact with others. If you’re not quite yourself as of late, maybe it’s time for a break.

So many thoughts, so little time
If you find that your mind is constantly racing and your thoughts never seem to end, this could also be a sign of fatigue and too much stress. Many people in this state of mind confuse it with simply “being busy” and “staying focused” but the truth is if you are constantly thinking about work or one main topic it is not concentration, it is obsession. Stress can do this to anyone and again, rest and relaxation is the answer.

Feeling sorry for yourself?
Often when people are overworked they begin to look at the “half empty” part of the glass. This is a normal reaction to being over tired and maybe even under appreciated but the truth is that your life is not as bad as it seems, especially when you need a break. An obvious cure for this negative type thinking is to get the rest you need but that is not always possible. Before you invite your friends to your next “pity party” perhaps a new perspective on your life will be helpful.

Find just 1 day to spend some time with others that are much less fortunate than you are. You might find that your life is not quite as bad as it may seem and that being overtired doesn’t eliminate all of the blessings that you have, it just doesn’t allow you the time to enjoy them. Gain a new perspective and you will stop feeling sorry for yourself. At first chance however, be sure to take that vacation you need so badly.

You’ve lost the ability to “enjoy the moment”
This is yet another symptom that I have seen in others many, many times. Did you ever have a friend that constantly spoke about how great things were before? Do you know someone that is always talking about their big plans for the future? Did you notice that neither of these two types of people are here, now, in the moment? They can’t seem to enjoy a simple conversation or simply relax and watch a good movie, in short, they can’t relax. People that are always “on the go” never get a minutes rest and that type of mind set can be produced by overwork and fatigue.

People that are terribly overworked are either remembering a time when they were not or planning for a time when they won’t be. It’s not a lot of fun when one simply can’t relax and enjoy the free moment at hand but learning to do so is certainly possible. If you fit this description than it is certain that you need a long break from the daily grind. If not, you simply won’t be able to relax until you get it.

Later than usual?
We all know someone that is habitually late but if you find that you are often later than usual this is a warning sign that your schedule is a bit too full. There is such a thing as too busy and what better way to overwork yourself than a hectic (and sometimes impossible) schedule? If this is happening more and more to you lately, you are overworking yourself. If possible, slow down a bit and lighten your schedule enough that you are able to make appointments on time. Remember, “All work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl)!”

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