Friday, June 5, 2015

Think a high IQ is all you need? Think again.

We all know what IQ means and most of us know what our actual IQ is and how we compare to the “average” individual. Some people place a lot of emphasis on this number and may feel that a person with an above average IQ is more likely to succeed than others. But the truth is that there are many other factors in life that determine if we are happy, healthy and productive in our daily lives.

Have you ever heard of EQ, MQ, and BQ? These are “rating” systems designed to test your intelligence level in other areas and research has shown that your ability (or lack thereof) in these areas will have a much more profound impact on your life than your IQ alone. Think about it, we tend to do business with people that we like and trust and their apparent intelligence is less important to us than the way that they make us “feel” when we are around them. That’s why a high IQ does not indicate that a person will be successful or even happy in their life.

Emotional Intelligence
EQ is easy to understand and it means exactly what it says: being aware of the emotions of others and responding appropriately. If you are emotionally “dumb” it would be nearly impossible to build a meaningful and lasting relationship with another person on any level. We’ve all met an intelligent person that was rude, abrupt, blunt and seemingly unconcerned with the feelings of others, right? Well, that is a good example of someone that has a very low EQ.

Moral Intelligence
MQ, again, is quite easy to comprehend. What is the point of being highly intelligent and emotionally well adjusted if you lack the will to “do the right thing”? Honesty and commitment are part of having an acceptable MQ and if you lack these characteristics you will find that success in any part of your life to be quite elusive.

Body Intelligence
BQ is nothing more than how well you take care of yourself. If you are concerned with good nutrition, getting enough rest, exercising on a regular basis and so on, than you have a high BQ. It’s amazing just how many people rate high in the other categories but rate very low in this area. It’s hard to understand why someone with a higher than average IQ would lack the desire to take good care of their selves but this seems to be a very common occurrence. We all know someone like this; our coworker that never seems to go to bed before 1 am on work nights, our friend that just can’t stop eating fast food whenever possible, or even the guy at the pub that is always coughing and always stepping outside for another cigarette. Of all 4 categories this seems to be the one where most of us have the most difficulty.

As you can see, IQ is only one part of the quotient and maybe this helps to answer the question as to why so many highly intelligent people just can’t seem to succeed in their lives. When I consider the sum total of EQ, MQ and BQ it seems to me that my grandmother would use different words to describe these so called “levels of intelligence”. She would say something to the effect of “Use your common sense” and “Treat others the way that you want to be treated”. Perhaps if we could remember these 2 simple rules our “Q’s” would be much higher.

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