Thursday, June 11, 2015

Do you still feel safe enough to fly?

Considering all of the recent incidents regarding air travel, I don’t blame anyone for feeling nervous about boarding an airplane. We’ve always been aware of the slim possibility of a plane being hijacked but lately things seem to be going wrong quite often. Let’s not forget so quickly the disappearance of flight 370 not so long ago. We still don’t know what happened to that particular airliner and what about the more recent disappearance of the Algerian airliner in Africa?

According to statistics I am completely off base even suggesting that flying is not completely safe but it seems to me that as of late there has been more than the average number of “incidents” regarding flying the friendly skies. The latest global airline safety report states there were only 90 commercial airplane accidents in 2013 (2014 is yet to be released) and that only 9 of those incidents involved fatalities. If you consider the fact that there were more than 32 million flights in the air during 2013, I must admit that the odds of being involved in any type of tragedy do seem quite slim.

If we consider the dangers of transportation as a whole, motorcycles are the #1 most deadly form of travel. In fact, for every 1 flying related fatality there are 3,000 killed in an accident while on a motorcycle. A car or truck is 100 times more deadly than flying a plane and not surprisingly, traveling by train is the safest form of land transportation available. Everything said and done flying remains an extremely safe mode of transportation. However, I’ve never known a single person that suffered from a fear of being a passenger in a car.

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