Friday, June 12, 2015

Are you sure that you can handle success?

Success is a funny thing. Most of us strive and strive towards the brass ring and if we’re one of the lucky ones, we finally make it. Yes, I did say lucky. Hard work, dedication and long hours are not the only ingredients to a successful career. Luck is also a factor in my opinion. I know plenty of very talented people that have never been highly successful in their chosen careers. Being in the right place at the right time and meeting the right people are also a big part of getting where you want to be.

But what happens when that day finally comes and you find yourself sitting on top of the hill? Are you prepared for success? Most people think they are but many of them discover that it was the journey that was most important and not the destination. At first, of course, it is incredibly exciting and a big celebration is in order. Perhaps that trip to Hawaii you’ve always dreamed of or that luxury vehicle you’ve had your eye on. But what about when the excitement fades and it’s back to reality time?

Being successful does not mean less work. To stay at the top you may find that you need to work even harder than ever before. I can assure you that your competitors are trying their very best to take your crown. They want to be where you are and that can place a lot of pressure on you to perform at your very best. Success comes at a price; not only when we are trying to achieve it, but when we are striving to keep it.

Becoming successful changes people and many times they forget about the simple pleasures of life. Fine dining and expensive restaurants are all fine and good but a simple walk on the beach costs nothing. Enjoying your favorite meal at home or simply talking with friends and family will always be more valuable than anything that money can buy and many successful people lose sight of these simple pleasures.

A famous author said something once that I never forgot. She said to treat success as if it were your child who has cancer that is in remission. I get it. We never know what tomorrow will bring and regardless of how successful you may become remember that you can lose it all. Life is perpetual change and nothing, absolutely nothing stays the same forever. Enjoy your journey to the top as well as your arrival and don’t lose sight of those things which are most important in your life. If that doesn’t include family and friends, than your success will be nothing more than a hollow shell.

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