Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do you mind working on the weekends?

Agents know full well that working on the weekends is often a necessity. Whether it be hosting an open house or showing a property to a client, weekends are fair game in this business. It is we that must cater to the needs of our client and not the other way around but what about people in other professions? I have noticed that weekend work has become almost normal for many people today but it wasn’t always that way. Not so very long ago working on the weekend was almost considered a taboo and most Americans wanted no part of it.

Obviously some jobs require us to work whenever we are needed but many people find themselves doing work on Saturday or Sunday that could easily be done during their normal Monday thru Friday schedule. If you have a choice than why would you allow your work to intrude upon your scheduled time off?

For some people work is part of their daily routine and for those of us who truly enjoy our chosen occupation work is not work at all, it is something that we like to do and we don’t mind working on any particular day. Those of us with somewhat flexible schedules are often able to attend to other matters during the week and we don’t see working during the weekend as “extra” working time, it is simply a matter of scheduling. A regular “9 to 5” job does not allow for grocery shopping at 10:30 in the morning on Wednesday but the lines are much shorter! A flexible schedule does have its advantages.

It can also be the case that some of us don’t always work a full day during the traditional Monday – Friday schedule. Perhaps on Tuesday we have a few important things to do but then it’s off to school for a parent-teacher meeting. Maybe we will meet with a client Thursday evening but will have the morning to finally get some of that housework done. With such flexibility in our work schedule weekends really aren’t that big of a deal.

The bottom line is that working on Saturday or even Sunday is Ok for many people provided that they can “get the time back” during the week.  Regardless of one’s occupation, almost no one wants to work 8 hours a day over the weekend, right? After all, much of the rest of the world does not work on weekends and there are other people in the world that we want to spend some time with during their time off. I suggest limiting the amount of time that you work and one way to do that is to only do those things that are absolutely necessary.

You can send out those emails on Monday and any type of admin work can usually wait as well. Even dealing with clients can wait until the “usual” work week begins in most cases. I’m not saying to ignore any of your clients but everything is not an emergency and if your clients are able to contact you 24-7 than, believe me, that’s exactly what they will do. Before you know it you will no longer be in control of your work schedule and the expectations of others will dictate when you will work. Weekend work is fine as long as you can achieve a balance that works for you.

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