Monday, March 16, 2015

Strength and Compassion CAN Work Well Together

When we think of a top executive, we think of many things; perseverance, self assuredness, confidence, strength and determination. We always picture them as being completely in charge, pushing forward aggressively and meeting each challenge calmly and with the knowledge that they can handle any situation. So what separates the good business leaders in our industry from the very best? What makes the difference? Believe it or not it’s an attribute that we don’t often associate with business, it’s called compassion.

Surprised? Perhaps you were thinking that compassion is the opposite of good business, rather like that old character Scrooge in the Christmas Carol. Many people believe that sound business decisions are based solely on dollars and cents and that there is no place in “big business” for compassion of any kind. The truth is that many of the most successful companies in the world are run by people with great compassion for others.

A truly great leader cares about their employees, their customers and society as a whole. Two of the most popular presidents ever to serve the United States were Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. Politics aside, polls showed many times over just how respected and admired both of them were during different times in their presidencies. President Reagan was a republican but was able to deal very well the Democratic Party. President Kennedy was a democrat and was equally adept at dealing with the Republican Party. Both men were extremely popular with the nation and both lead with compassion for others.

It is impossible for anyone to build a relationship with other people without trust. This is true in our business lives as well as our personal lives and compassion is a quality that causes others to trust in you and your decisions. Compassion is better than being confident or even being the best at what you do. If you were buying a home would you do business with the top real estate agent in the state if you didn’t feel that he/she wanted to help you or really cared about your needs? I would choose an agent that was interested in me and would do everything within their power to make sure that I found the perfect home for me and my family. Most people would agree.

Today’s business world could use a little more compassion in my opinion. I’ve met a lot of agents in my time and the most successful of them were truly concerned and involved with the needs of their clients. They were not concerned only with the “bottom line” but with serving their clients to the very best of their ability. They took pride in their work and as often as not were able to build lasting personal relationships with their clients. If you are the same than you are doing everything right! If not, maybe now is a good time to reevaluate the way that others perceive you. A little compassion can go a long way!

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