Friday, February 20, 2015

A Life Lesson that We Can All Learn From

It’s funny how much time some people spend analyzing other people’s lives. Whether comparing their clothing to ours or wishing we had a car like that, I don’t think it’s very healthy for any of us to judge our lives by another person. First of all it’s human nature for all of us to “put on our best face” when in public and a lot of times what you see when you look at someone else is not the same as what they are feeling. It’s easy to appear happy to everyone around you but true happiness is a little harder to obtain.

Not only is comparing ourselves to others a grand waste of time but it can be very unhealthy for our self image. Thoughts of envy and jealousy are not the least bit helpful to anyone and wishing that you could afford a Lexus “like he has” will get you no closer to actually owning one. It’s also important to remember that when we are comparing our lives with other people’s that we don’t know where they began in comparison to us. Think about it, it’s a lot easier for Donald Trump’s son to get his first Lexus or to enjoy a 2 month tour of Europe than for most average people, right?

Expecting too much of yourself is unrealistic and can actually be harmful to your mood, your state of mind and even your physical health. Wasting time observing how fortunate others appear to be is time you could be spending working towards your own goals and achievements. Perhaps now is a good time for all of us to “regroup” and focus on taking care of ourselves and concentrating on those things which are most important to us. Here are 5 major benefits for anyone that can learn to stop comparing themselves to others.

  • 1. Discover what is most important to you and what will make you a happier person. You can’t get it if you don’t know what it is! 
  • 2. Time not spent considering the lives of others is time spend improving your own. The more energy you put into achieving your goals, the sooner you will get where you want to be! 
  • 3. Improve your self image and feel better about yourself. Focusing on your own achievements will provide you with a sense of accomplishment. 
  • 4. Feelings of jealousy and inadequacy are to be expected if we wonder why we don’t have a 10 bedroom mansion in Hollywood! Be happy for the success of others and realize that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves. 
  • 5. Be inspired! Instead of wondering why someone else has so much more than you, why not allow that person to be the reason that you succeed? If they can do it you can too so be motivated by what they have achieved and allow their success to be your catalyst!

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