Wednesday, January 21, 2015

4 marketing mistakes that you NEVER want to make

In our line of work nothing is more important than marketing, except maybe the clients themselves! Without an effective marketing plan we may well find ourselves with precious few clients to cater to and that’s not a good place to be. Keep in mind that marketing is the way in which we can speak to people before we actually meet them. It is the only chance we may have to convince someone that we are a good choice for their needs. If we make a mistake here there is no way to correct it and we will never have the chance to prove ourselves worthy of their trust.

Unfortunately there are some very common mistakes that people make when marketing that leave prospective clients with the wrong impression. Whether you realize it or not, bad marketing is much worse than no marketing. Remember the old saying “If you can’t say something nice, than say nothing at all”? Well, when it comes to marketing the rule is “If you can’t say something interesting, than say nothing at all”. That’s right, if you can’t provide some type of useful information to possible clients than they will get the impression that you are not the professional that they need in their corner. It’s pretty simple really; a person shopping for a new car simply doesn’t care about motorcycles, no matter how great a deal you can offer them.

Here are 4 common mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs or it will cost you plenty!

It’s all about them, NOT YOU
We’ve all seen it. Whether it’s a Facebook post, tweet, or blog it’s all about the person or their achievements. Perhaps they’ve just won an award at work or sold their billionth home this year. Whatever the case may be too much self admiration is not conducive to getting new business. It’s fine to be proud of your accomplishments but instead of focusing on yourself, focus on how these achievements can benefit your client. Being successful is great but the reader is thinking to themselves, “That’s fine, but what can you do for me?” Be sure to explain how your achievements were accomplished and more importantly, how much your clients benefitted from them. Testimonials work well, bragging does not.

Don’t forget about your previous clients
In my industry the need to find new business is ever present. After all, no one buys or sells a home every week and without new clients agents would soon disappear. But what about previous clients? Remind them that you still value their business and remain available at any time in the future when your services might again be required. Keeping in touch with them can also lead to referrals, right? Provide useful and relevant content to past clients as well as marketing to new ones. They will know that you don’t simply “disappear” after leaving the closing table and will appreciate your loyalty.
If you blog, blog about home ownership and not just selling or buying homes. Include useful information in all of your social website posts about schools, home maintenance, whatever, but be sure that sometimes you are providing past clients with information they can still use and not only looking for new ones.

This one is simple enough to remember. Spamming people on social media, email marketing and the like is one way to insure that you will be the last person they call when the time comes. We are all taught that marketing is all about the numbers, how many people you can reach. But reaching the wrong people at the wrong time will never help your business. Be selective in what type of marketing information you choose to provide to others and be even more selective as to whom you send it to. Targeted marketing to the right people at the right time is the secret and “spamming” everyone is nothing more than an annoyance at best and can even destroy your reputation as a true professional.

Provide a clear and easily understood Call to Action
The whole point of marketing is for someone to contact you. Without a clear call to action you are making the client search for you or wonder what to do next! Have you ever been on a webpage where you were interested but had a few questions and couldn’t find a way to contact someone? Maybe the phone number was big and bold but the email was hidden somewhere on the 3rd page or maybe the opposite was true. Regardless of the medium you are using make it easy for the reader to contact you in any way they wish. This includes emails, phone numbers, websites, social media accounts (such as Twitter or Facebook), everything. If they have to work to find you, you’ve got a serious problem.

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