Tuesday, November 11, 2014

“Third hand smoke” can dramatically lower the value of your home

First of all you might be wondering, “Exactly what is third hand smoke?” We’ve all heard of second hand smoke but this new term was coined by a research team at Dana-Farver / Harvard Cancer Center. It is what remains long after the smoke has cleared. It is the odor and residue of the smoke that is left behind in clothing, furniture, our hair, everywhere! Believe it or not, simply touching this residue can put you at risk of suffering from many of the same illnesses as smokers themselves.

If this isn’t enough reason for smokers to NOT smoke in their homes, here’s another point to ponder. A recent survey of real estate agents in Ontario, Canada revealed that smoking in the home can lower its value by as much as 29%. That’s an amazing statistic and something to consider if you or a family member do smoke indoors. This means that an average residence (at least in Ontario) could lose as much as $64,000 off its sale price! Here are some other interesting statistics to think about.

  • ·  44% of agents and brokers agree that smoking definitely lowers its value.

  • ·  88% of brokers state that it is more difficult to sell a home if the previous owners smoked inside of it.

  • ·  27% of brokers have experienced situations where the buyer simply refused to purchase any home that was previously owned by smokers.

A final thought is the amount of time and effort required to remove all of this third hand smoke from a residence. This monumental task would involve steam cleaning all carpets in the home, wiping down all of the walls with hot water and detergents and then repainting them up to 3 times as well as wiping down all flat surfaces that were exposed to the smoke. This is to say nothing of clothing, furniture with fabric, windows and mirrors, painting, pictures……. As you can see, smoking can actually damage your home and cause a tremendous amount of dangerous chemicals to saturate into various items. The bottom line? Aside from being dangerous to your health, allowing anyone to smoke within the confines of your home can cost you thousands.

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