Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Without consistency your marketing efforts are sure to fail!

If there is one undeniable trait that all successful people have in common, it is consistency. This is no more obvious than when marketing a business or service. Current studies show that the average person will not respond to an ad or commercial or any other type of marketing until they have seen or heard it 7 times. The reason for this is quite easy to understand; we are most comfortable with things that are familiar to us and repetition breeds familiarity.  

Look at it this way; if I said to you right now “Hey, let’s get a pizza!” you might just decide that you’re not in the mood, right? What if I “suggested” it to you every day for the next week? Unless you don’t eat pizza the odds are on my side that one of these days you are going to say yes. It’s just a matter of “reminding” you of an idea and waiting for you to take action. This is exactly what consistent marketing is all about.

Regardless of your marketing strategy, if you aren’t doing it routinely you will not see the results that you are hoping for. The other element is time. There is no way around the fact that marketing takes time. Blogging and posting on the social sites will not make you successful right away, but it will make you more successful in the future. Viewers need to become familiar with who you are and what you are presenting to them. Stick with it long enough and you are sure to see results.

You have no doubt heard of the top 2 cereal companies in the world, Kellogg and Post. If you’re not aware of it Kellogg is #1 and Post is #2. Do you know why? Way back in the 1920’s (during the Great Depression) Post made the decision to dramatically reduce advertising in an effort to lessen expenses. They felt that marketing at such a time was simply a waste of money. Kellogg, on the other hand, decided to increase their marketing efforts like never before. The results were not immediate but in the end Kellogg become the market leader for breakfast cereal and have remained that way to this very day.

Brand recognition takes time but with consistency and dedication you can be successful. It’s all about patience and the willingness to keep moving forward no matter what. Still not convinced? Well, how would you like to enjoy a bowl of delicious “Bob Smith Raisin Bran” for breakfast tomorrow morning? That’s what I thought!

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