Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why some agents “make it” and some do not

If you’ve been in this business for a considerable period of time than you have seen a lot of people come and go. After a while you can almost pick which new agents are going to be successful and which are not from the first time you meet them. So what separates the “comers” from the “goers”? I think it’s all about being resilient and having the ability to “bounce back” regardless of circumstances.

While we are all equipped with the same basic abilities there is a big difference in the way that we use them and our general outlook towards life. Those of us that have a “can do” attitude and believe that success is more the result of persistence and less the result of luck are the most likely to succeed and to realize our long term goals and dreams. I believe that there are 4 main components to being resilient and if you possess these attributes you are sure to succeed in almost any endeavor.

Confidence is Key
Whether we realize it or not it’s quite easy to “self sabotage” ourselves without ever realizing that we are doing it. If we don’t believe that we are capable of doing something than subconsciously we will not give it our best effort and many times we are not even aware that we feel this way. Lack of faith in ourselves causes us to expect failure and who is going to give 100% when deep inside they feel that it’s not going to happen anyway? Be confident and know that you can overcome any obstacle regardless of the circumstances. In this race it is always the tortoise that wins, never the hare.

Self Control Required
No matter how bad the situation remaining calm should always be your first priority. I have never seen anyone fix a problem by becoming angry or upset. Dealing with a situation requires thought and the ability to make the right decision, sometimes in a hurry. Unchecked emotions are the enemy of rational thought and can to lead quick decisions that we often come to regret at a later time. I’m not saying that this is easy or that everyone possesses this ability but being able to control your impulses and feelings is an attribute that can be learned and is essential if you are to be successful. Remember, the decisions that we make today are what determine our tomorrow.

Stay the Course and NEVER Give Up
This may be harder than it sounds but the people that make it in life are those whom increase their efforts, not those whom lower their expectations. You’ve heard the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”, right? This is the attitude to have if you really want to be a success. You may not always be #1 but finishing what you start is an accomplishment within itself. I saw an interview years ago with a man that finished last in the famous Boston Marathon. I have never seen anyone more proud. He had trained for years and had failed many times before and this was the first time that he was able to complete the grueling race. A few years later he came in 1st! How could anyone fail with an attitude like that?

Be Optimistic – Be Realistic
Succeeding as an agent requires a positive outlook but expecting the impossible can only lead to failure. Be ambitious when determining your goals while still being able to separate fantasy from reality! Rome was not built in a day and success takes time. Understand your own weaknesses and strengths and use them appropriately. If you are a “people person” that spend more time meeting clients in person as opposed to posting ads on the internet. Good at writing ads and marketing material? Than concentrate more of your efforts in this area! Focus on your strong points while improving upon those things that you are less adept at doing and you will continue to improve. Make sure that you don’t set goals that are impossible to achieve. This is nothing more than “setting yourself up for failure” and that is not the way to become successful. Be positive, ambitious and above all, realistic.

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