Monday, September 8, 2014

Is “Realtor” just another word for “sales person”? Not in my book!

Have you ever thought about how much work is involved with selling a house? The truth is that most people have no idea what it takes to sell a home and even the word “sell” is misleading. Real estate agents do not “sell” homes, they market them. We possess no special skill that enables us to influence another person to spend a hundreds of  thousands of dollars (or more) based on our “opinion”. It is our responsibility to “present” a home to as many potential buyers as possible in order to find the right home for them. A home sale is truly a “two way street” and there is no magic formula that guarantees instant success.

With that being said an experienced realtor does know how to market a home effectively and to reach as many qualified home buyers as possible in the shortest period of time. We know and understand the areas where we live and work. We are familiar with what buyers want and what they do not want. People are individuals and each of us has our own unique wants and needs. A family with 3 young children is certainly not looking for the same living situation as a retired couple, right? It is our job to present your home to buyers that are interested in what your home has to offer. So how do we get the job done?

Realtors have many effective marketing strategies to assist you in selling your home and the list of tools at our disposal is virtually unlimited. We know the value of taking quality pictures of a home for sale (and lots of them) so that home searchers know exactly what it is that they are being presented with. We are social media experts and can present your home to a large number of interested parties in your area in a short period of time. Emails and newsletters can also be quite effective if you have the right list of buyers to send them to and a qualified realtor certainly knows how to get this done. 

Listing a home for sale on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a huge advantage when trying to sell your home and I can assure you that the websites designed for the “do it yourselfer’s” simply don’t compare. Realtors are available to show your home to potential buyers at a time that is convenient for all parties involved and we are able to schedule open houses so that many people have the opportunity to see your home in person.

An experienced and knowledgeable realtor knows what needs to be done in order for you to sell your home as quickly as possible and will formulate a marketing strategy highlighting what makes your home attractive and desirable. We cannot work magic but we can and will do everything within our power to find a qualified buyer in a reasonable amount of time.

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