Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to STOP being a quitter!

Yesterday my blog was entitled “Why do people just give up?” In it I discussed many of the reasons why people have such difficulty in finishing what they start. Understanding the reasons for a problem is always the first step to solving it. If you find that you sometimes struggle (and who doesn’t) to do those things that you need to do, here are some great ways to change your habits and make you a real “go getter”!

Victims NEVER Win
They are called “victims” for a reason. By its very definition a victim is a person that has been “harmed or injured by another”. Is your lack of motivation really the cause of something that someone (or something) else has done to you? Don’t use your boss, the economy, or any other circumstance as an excuse to fail. If things aren’t going well for you right now don’t focus on what the problems are, focus on the solutions. A family member told me a long time ago that I am not responsible for what I feel; it’s what I do about my feelings that will make the difference. Take action to change your situation regardless of why it exists.

The Time is Now
I was going to explain to you how to stop procrastinating and get motivated. Unfortunately I just didn’t feel like doing it so I have no advice for you at this time. Get the point? What you do affects others as well as yourself. It also affects how others think of you. Would you hire a person that you thought was lazy? How about a person that’s always late or never finishes what they start? Success is not possible unless others have faith in your ability to get the job done. That means when they need it done, not when you feel like it. Stop thinking about it, just do it! Believe it or not, it’s just that simple.

Stop Hanging Out with the “Wrong Crowd”
There’s one in every office in America. The malcontent that’s never happy. Always quick with a negative remark or a reason why something just isn’t going to work. AVOID THESE PEOPLE LIKE THE PLAGUE. They will never be a winner and if you listen to them you will end up the same way. Surround yourself with positive thinking people, you know who they are. They are your successful coworkers and colleagues. Did you ever notice they never say anything negative? There’s a reason for that. Learn from them. Better yet, mimic them. If you did everything that Donald Trump did in his life, you would have his life, right?

30 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life!
Sound silly? Well, it isn’t. An extra half hour 5 days a week amounts to 120 hours a year! How much more successful would you be if you contacted prospects and clients for the next 120 hours straight? How many deals could you close? How many referrals could you get? Such a small addition to your daily routine could make all the difference in the world.

Use Your Compass
Running at full speed is great, if you know what direction you’re heading in! You need a daily plan to be effective. Being organized saves time and frustration and helps you to keep an eye on your goals. Deciding to get some new listings next week is great, deciding on 5 is better. You can’t track your efforts unless you have a definite goal in mind. Come up with a reasonable game plan and stick to it.

Invest in Yourself
Prove to yourself that you are serious about changing, that you really want to succeed and to finish what you start. You already know your weak points so why not do something about them? There are tons of motivational materials available today from books to webinars and many of them are very effective. Focus on the areas where you need the most help and get to work. The choices are endless and the time is now!

Find a Mentor
Nothing beats experience, nothing. Having someone on your team that can encourage you and give good advice is a great way to improve yourself and to meet your goals. Whether you get a “pat on the back” or a “slap on the wrist” a good mentor will advise you as to what you need to do next to stay on track. Sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement and a few wise words at just the right time can make all the difference in the world.

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