Monday, August 25, 2014

Know When to Say No

Ambition is a good thing and certainly necessary for those of us that want to be successful in business but there is such a thing as too much. It stands to reason that the harder we try the more successful we will be but there are times that saying no is the right thing to do.  
No matter how hard we try eventually we simply need to rest regardless of how busy we are or how many important things we need to get done. The key to staying healthy and productive is to be able to prioritize correctly and sometimes that includes simply saying “No”.

Your Body Doesn’t Lie
Don’t worry, if you have been pushing yourself too hard sooner or later your body will let you know. If you’re not getting enough rest than you will certainly feel tired or sluggish but there are emotional signals that you also need to pay attention to. Lack of motivation, irritability and an inability to focus are also a signs that you need a break. Be sure to include some down time in your schedule and if possible learn to delegate different responsibilities to others.
Speaking of others, if you notice that any of your coworkers are experiencing a decline in productivity, less than usual performance or increased absenteeism it’s quite possible that they are exceeding their limits as well. Be sensitive to their needs too and suggest to them that it might be time to slow down a bit. No matter how busy you may be a broken machine accomplishes nothing.

Being Too Busy is NOT a Sign of Success
Don’t be fooled by that guy that’s always on an important call at the coffee shop. Sure, he looks successful because he is always busy but that isn’t necessarily the case. Appearing to be busier than your competitors is a competition with no true rewards. Learn to focus on those things which will make you successful and say no to everything else. Pointless meetings and chasing clients that probably aren’t going to avail of your service or product anyway will definitely keep you going but to where? Spend your time wisely and concentrate on those things (and people) that will help you to achieve your goals.

“Yes” Should Never be an Automatic Response
We are all guilty of this one, saying yes when we really wanted to say no. And speaking of guilt, that’s exactly what causes us to make this mistake. Many times when we say no we feel that we are letting someone else down, that we are disappointing them but that’s not always true. When you are asked to do something there are 2 questions you should ask yourself before responding. “Can I really do this?” and “Will it help me to meet my goals?” If the answer to either question is no than that’s exactly what you need to say. Remember, keeping busy is not a sign of success, results are.

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