Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is it really possible to control stress in our modern world?

Is it possible to find balance between work and our personal lives in today’s world? Times have changed and there is no such thing as being “out of the office” anymore. Back in the day going out to lunch or going home really meant that you were not available but with modern technology we no longer leave the office, we take it with us.

Cell phones, laptops, notebooks and now the ever popular tablet assure that we are always in touch no matter how trivial the matter. So how can we possibly manage the stress that is an inherit part of the modern 24/7 world and the expectations of others that we are always available to them? It’s simpler than you think and here are 3 simple ways to manage your down time and to regain control of your very hectic schedule.

“You’re NOT the Boss of Me!”
Let’s be honest, you know you do it, you just can’t resist and this is where the problems begin. You simply must answer your phone, right? When is the last time you ignored your ringtone or better yet simply turned it off? If you can’t answer this simple question or Carter was the president at that time than you are the problem and not your over demanding schedule!
I understand as well as anyone the need to be available for clients but enough is enough and there are times that no one should be available. If you’re enjoying dinner at home, working out at the gym or taking a well deserved day off than you are not available. Answering your phone automatically does not mean that you are a dedicated professional; it means that you are reactive. You are not a 911 operator and failure to answer the phone when you are otherwise engaged is not a sign that you are irresponsible, it simply means that you are not available at that particular moment.

Is the President Calling YOU?
Although I have no doubt that you are an important and integral part of your work place, I seriously doubt that you are truly irreplaceable. We all like to think that we are but 99% of the time it really isn’t the case. And even if it were it doesn’t mean that you can’t delegate important matters to someone else when you are not available. If you really must be available at all times and there is no one else that can do what you can do than you need to make a change. Even the president has a vice president and finds time to visit Camp David for a break!

You Have More Time than You Think
One sure sign of being “stressed” is feeling that there just isn’t enough time to do everything that you need to do. The truth is that not having enough time to do something really means that it is not a priority in your mind. Working late instead of getting a good night’s sleep means that getting the work done is more important to you than sleeping.
I know what you’re thinking, “But this project MUST be done by tomorrow morning!” right? As true as that may be you have mismanaged your time if you need to lose sleep to meet any deadline. Being organized and learning to prioritize correctly is nothing more than taking control of your life and do you remember what I said about delegating responsibilities? If you don’t have the help that you need than it’s time to find it.

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