Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to beat procrastination……someday!

OK, I think we can all agree that it’s human nature to avoid those things which we don’t enjoy. The question is how do we know when our habit of “putting things off” until the last moment is becoming a problem? Here are 7 warning signs that things are getting a bit out of control and how to defeat them.  

Failing to see the Benefits
One of the biggest reasons that we procrastinate is simply because we either don’t realize the importance of doing a particular task or we fail to consider the negative consequences that will inevitably occur if we don’t get it done. The solution to this mind set is simple: Consider what will happen if you don’t do something on time. What problems will you have to deal with if you don’t get that project done on time? Usually we can save ourselves a lot of time and trouble by simply “getting it done”. Whether its late fees that need to be paid or simply failing to rotate the tires on our car when it’s time the consequences can often cost us money that we didn’t need to spend.

Not being Organized
It’s much easier to procrastinate when we don’t even remember what we need to get done! If you are persistently late because you forgot that something needed to be done than it’s time to keep a schedule. Sounds too simple, right? Well, if you find yourself thinking “Oh no, that’s today?” than it’s time to get organized!

Running out of Gas
If you often put things off because you’re simply too tired to do them than it’s time to make a change. You would never drive your car if you were constantly running out of gas so why would you treat your body any differently? Figure out why you don’t have enough energy to do the things that you need to do and fix the problem. Proper diet, exercise and getting enough sleep are vital to our health and level of enthusiasm and you need to be prepared for life’s daily challenges.

Just Too Busy?
This is my favorite excuse and I’m not afraid of using it! Keep one thing in mind; being “busy” is not the same as being efficient. Again the solution is simple. Take control of your schedule be being organized and learning to prioritize correctly. If you didn’t read my blog entitled “Know When to Say No”  now might be a good time.

Not Knowing Where to Begin
It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when we are facing a large project or many different tasks at one time. The best way to approach this problem is to break large tasks down into manageable pieces. Treat each of the smaller “pieces” as a separate item and tackle them one at a time. In this way you will feel a sense of accomplishment each time you complete one and your tasks won’t seem too big to handle. When we move to a new home we don’t carry our entire household all at once right? Treat each task as 1 box on moving day and eventually you will get done!

Too Many Distractions
In today’s modern world there is no shortage of distractions but we can control many of them if we really want to. Turn off your cell phone, stop checking emails every 10 minutes and let those around you know that you are not to be disturbed. Learn to concentrate on the task at hand and don’t allow your surroundings to control you.

Fear is a Great De-Motivator Too
We’ve all heard that fear is a great motivator but did you know that it can also stop us from doing what we need to do? If we are unsure of exactly how to do something or we feel that the end result won’t be good enough than we are very likely to delay in getting started.  This will only make things worse. Often times simply getting started will eliminate much of our insecurities and we find that the task at hand is not as bad as we had imagined so just get started and do your best! Remember the old saying, “Your excuses are your own”!

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