Friday, August 29, 2014

Have you forgotten how to take a vacation?

I’ve heard all of the excuses that you can imagine. Many of them have come from me but I like to think that I become more wise as time goes by, although I’m not sure that I can prove it! Many of my working days evolve around a never ending cacophony of ringing phones, endless emails and unexpected turns of events. If you can relate to this than you probably also understand the importance of quality “down time”.

There’s a right way to take a well deserved vacation and a wrong way as well. If your idea of the perfect vacation includes checking emails the first thing in the morning and only returning the “most important” of calls” than you might need to rethink what a vacation is really all about.

While it’s true that the purpose of a vacation is to have fun, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor the truth is that time away from your work can actually improve your productivity and make you much more efficient in the office. We could all take a page from the corporate book of those persons that have been most successful. Famous car make Henry Ford discovered that productivity in his factory actually increased when he decreased the working hours of his workers. Today the world famous beer maker Heineken places restrictions on corporate emails that don’t allow employees access after 7:30 pm on weekdays or at all during the weekends.

Research has shown time and time again that working more hours doesn’t necessarily result in more results and we all know the effects of stress on our personal lives as well as the work environment. If you think that a real vacation might hurt your business than keep one thing in mind; no vacation may do even more damage. You need to be at your best when dealing with your business and this simply isn’t possible if you are too tired to think straight.

While it may be challenging to get away for a much needed rest both you and your business will benefit in the long run. As counterproductive as it may seem there are times when not working could be the best business move that you could possible make. Turn off the phone (and the laptop) and take the break that you really deserve. Chances are that you will return rested and well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

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