Thursday, August 14, 2014

Are you POSITIVE this is the right home for you?

Choosing the right home is a difficult choice and home buyers often fail to consider their future needs as well as what will make them happy today. The layout of a home is more important than any other factors when you are trying to decide what your perfect home should be. Remember, it’s a lot easier to redecorate than to renovate. Painting a room a different color is one thing, moving a wall is quite another! If you are considering a home purchase here are some very important things to consider before placing an offer on what seems to be the home of your dreams.

Up or Down?
There is a big difference in the design of a single story home and a multistory home and each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. In a one level home there is never the sound of “thumping” feet above your head and the more “public” rooms (such as the kitchen and living room) tend to be in the center of the home while bedrooms and bathrooms are usually located more towards the outside for added privacy.
Multilevel homes are a bit more private and offer a better view from the upper levels if indeed there is a good view to be seen. Age is an important factor that many people fail to consider when deciding which design is better. If you are 20 years old than either design may be a good choice but if you are an older person looking to downsize than a home with steps leading to the second level may not be as convenient, especially in the years to come. I have also seen some young couples that prefer a single story home simply because they felt that the stairs were a risk for their children. Either way be sure to make a decision that you can live with for years to come.

Are You an “Inny” or an “Outty”?
Some people really enjoy the great outdoors and others prefer to stay indoors. You’d be surprised how many people I know that never use the outdoor patio or that large yard that they thought was so great in the beginning. Just the same as the inside of a home the outside requires maintenance and upkeep just as well and there’s no sense in always doing yard work or repairing a deck that you never even use. Have you ever seen a beautiful home with uncut grass and a rotting deck? If you’re not prepared to maintain outdoor areas than a small yard (or even no yard) might be your best choice.

Are You a Social Butterfly?
We are all different. Some of us love to entertain family and friends and others enjoy a simple quiet evening at home with our favorite movie or a good book. An open floor plan is great for entertaining but could lack that “cozy” feel of rooms that are separated by walls and doors. Which do you prefer? Just as important is the placement of bedrooms. If you have young children you will want their bedroom to be close to yours but if your children are older than more privacy might be a better choice. A guest bedroom might also be a consideration if you often receive overnight guests. The design of your home is critical depending upon your lifestyle and you need to know these things before making an offer on a home that may not serve your needs.

Is Easy Accessibility an Issue?
Obviously if you have someone living in your home that requires additional space to move around comfortably than you need to be sure that the home is designed accordingly. An in-law suite is great but should it be on the 2nd floor? Special needs persons such as someone confined to a wheelchair will need wide hallways and large doors to get around comfortably and safely. Older homes tend to have smaller hallways and doors and sometimes smaller rooms. Buying an older home also negates the possibility of custom designing features to fit special needs and depending upon your requirements a new home could be a better choice.

Location, Location, Location!
Yes, where you live is very important! Even the most perfect home is of no use if you must spend half your day commuting to and from work or the closest food store is 20 miles away. Consider your lifestyle carefully before making a final decision. A great location for retired persons may not be so great for those of us still doing the nine-to-five thing and a city lover will never be happy in the most beautiful of country homes. Convenience is important to everyone so be sure to consider where you decide to live and don’t make the mistake of buying that perfect home in an area that is not suited to your needs.

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