Monday, July 28, 2014

Amazing new machine eliminates dish washing forever!

Has Star Trek finally arrived? I remember back in the day that a lot of us were looking forward to flying cars, computer controlled homes that could “talk” to us and robot maids that could do all of our housework for us. Well, it seems that we aren’t even close to these dreams, or are we?

Have you seen the new DishMaker developed at MIT? It is being tested as we speak and yes I said, dish maker NOT dish washer! This device is absolutely amazing and the first of its kind. Can you imagine NEVER washing dishes again? This incredible machine is able to produce 1 plate about every 90 seconds. The concept is that instead of washing dishes you just create them as needed. After using them the device actually “recycles” the plates into a flat “wafer” that can easily be stored for future use as easily as a stack of paper plates!

How does it work? Well, without getting too “technical” the concept is pretty simple. The plates are made from food-grade, nontoxic acrylic that will flatten after use by heating them up to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Each “wafer” can be used about 100 times and the machine holds about 150 of them. And check this out, this ultra cool device can also make bowls and cups as well!

Can you even imagine how much time and energy this will save us in the future?  No more wasted water, no need for dish detergent, no wrinkled hands and no more arguments about whose turn it is to do the dishes! Preparing for that next family get together would be a lot easier and there would be hardly any cleanup time required when the fun was over! I have no idea when this will actually go into production or what it will cost but I want one! Now, about that robot maid…

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