Monday, May 12, 2014

Keeping Up With the Jetsons

OK, I admit it, I love technology! I love anything that makes my life easier, allows me to get more organized or saves me time but sometimes I honestly think that it can go a bit too far.

Do you remember when those cute little round vacuum cleaners first came out on the market? You know the little ones that have a “brain” and will automatically vacuum your carpets when they “sense” dust or dirt that needs to be cleaned up? I thought they were pretty cool but I never actually bought one. I wish they would invent something similar that would actually clean my hard wood floors. I just might consider one of those!

Recently, I saw the newest high tech vacuum cleaner available and I couldn’t believe what it could do. I won’t mention the brand name but one of its features included what the manufacture referred to as a “Data Bridge”. Yep, you guessed it; there is a USB port on the unit so that you can connect it to your computer!

The ad stated that you are able to “talk” to your vacuum cleaner. Once connected you can determine such important factors as how much electricity the unit has consumed, the amount of power left in the rechargeable battery and get this, how many calories you burned while vacuuming! You can also get to the users’ manual and leave feedback to the manufacturer while connected. Just what I need, a “talking” vacuum cleaner. I wonder if I could set it up to speak French? That way I could learn as new language while doing my chores.

Yes, I do love technology but having a “conversation” with a household appliance is just not one my list of things to do. I can think of many other “gadgets” on the market today to talk about but I have to go. My toaster has been complaining that I haven’t been using it enough lately and it’s becoming bored. I also need to take my car to the therapist, it’s been feeling a bit sluggish lately and I think maybe I’ve been pushing it too hard. No problem there though, “she” always feels better after an oil change!

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