Wednesday, April 23, 2014

User Friendly my Foot!

Have you ever had a bad computer day? This is probably one of the most rhetorical statements that I have ever made. Everybody has had a “bad computer day”! I am amazed how the computer industry constantly touts how “user friendly” computers have become. I haven’t seen any major improvements in computers in many years. With each new release of Windows there are constant changes and so called “improvements” but the truth is that in the end all you end up with is more stuff that you really don’t use!

I mean think about it, is your computer really any faster than the one you had ten years ago? Honestly? I keep seeing faster processor speeds, increased memory and so called “improved” software but where are the real improvements? Is there a computer made today that will NEVER show you the infamous hourglass when you are multitasking? Have you seen a guarantee that the “hottest” machine on the market today will NEVER crash?

And what about software manufacturers? Surely you have bought and installed a new program to make your life easier and sure enough it doesn’t work properly because “this” is not compatible with “that”! Like all of my brothers and sisters in the real estate industry I depend almost entirely on my computer and cell phone. If either one let’s me down I’m in a world of trouble! I admit that I love everything that I can do with computers today but I honestly believe that sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth (almost).

This is where the term ‘user friendly” enters my mind. Computers are a lot of things but friendly is certainly not one of them! All of us have experienced the dreaded “blue screen of death” at least once in our lives and it isn’t a very good feeling. I will tell you what I think user friendly really is. User friendly is a computer that never crashes. User friendly is a computer that I can talk to and it will actually do exactly what I tell it to do. User friendly is a computer that works 100% of the time and no matter what new software I install there is never a problem. I guess what I really need is the computer on the U.S.S Enterprise!

I guess it will be a long time before that happens but I can guarantee I’ll be the first one in line when it does! There was so much more I wanted to say here but I have to run; the super store down the street is having a sale on the latest models and I can’t wait to check out the hottest new gear!

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