Thursday, April 24, 2014

A word to the wise….

Sure, you have nothing better to do than to worry about backing up your computer today, right? But what would you do if you lost all of the information in it? Think about it, really think about it. Can you imagine trying to recover all of the information that you’ve accumulated about all of your clients? The truth is that if you were to lose all of the data in your computer you could never get it all back. So why am I bothering to tell you this? You’ve heard this a thousand times before so what’s the point?

Well, I read something recently that completely amazed me. Believe it or not it is estimated that over 50% of computers today do not have the information that is stored on them backed up in any way. While this certainly applies to personal computers more than those in service for business use there are still a huge number of businesses that do not bother to back up their information on a daily basis. Are you one of those people?

What is the #1 reason that people don’t bother to back up their information? You guessed it, time. Many people say that they know how important it is but they are just too busy with work to find the time to backup their all important business machine. The problem isn’t just that people don’t bother to back up their info. it’s also that they don’t do it every day and that is extremely important.

In today’s world everything is on a computer somewhere and it’s impossible to run a business office without one. There are many ways to back up your information every day including on-line storage that works automatically once it’s been set up properly. If you value your business and want to avoid a catastrophic event than you must do something about it now. Computers do “crash” and information does get lost forever. There’s no excuse not to protect what you have worked so hard to get and at the very least you owe it to your clients and business associates. They will all be affected if you experience a major data loss.

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