Thursday, February 13, 2014

You May not Require a Realtor but You Definitely Need One

“Do I really need a realtor?” This is probably the most commonly asked question in real estate today. To begin with I think we should define the word “need”.  Do you really need a couch? Does anyone truly need more than 1 pair of shoes? Perhaps you think these are silly questions but I don’t think so. The truth is that no one truly needs a couch or more than 1 pair of shoes but who wants to sit barefooted on the floor?

A realtor is a professional. We are licensed, we have training in the real estate industry and we know what pitfalls can await any buyer or seller. The paperwork involved with even the simplest of real estate transactions is enough to make anyone pull their hair out and if you aren’t familiar with it you may never be sure exactly what it is that you are signing. The word realtor could easily be replaced with the word “guide” and it would be an accurate description because guidance is what home buyers and sellers need the most.

The third point that I would like to make is about marketing. I can assure you that the average home owner has no idea just how difficult (and time consuming) it can be to get qualified buyers interested in their home. A qualified realtor is in part a professional marketer as well because that’s what it takes to sell a home today. We know the best way to present your home to prospective buyers and we know how to reach them by the hundreds, or thousands. Without a proper marketing strategy the best deal in town could stay on the market forever.

Realtors can help you to determine just how much home you qualify to buy and we know the best lenders to match your individual needs. We can assist you in negotiations with the buyer or seller, help you to find the perfect property (even if it’s not advertised) and can refer qualified professionals to assist you with title searches, property inspections and more.

Who else but an experienced realtor is best suited to give you the latest information in the real estate market to help you make the right decision and who is in a better position to “iron out all the wrinkles” and get things done? Finally, and maybe most importantly, who else is sitting at the closing table with you and has your best interest at heart?

The bottom line is that real estate can be a complex myriad of obstacles and there is no one, no one better qualified to assist you than a professional realtor. If you are buying or selling a home, be sure that you have a competent and professional agent in your corner. Rest assured this is one decision you will never regret.

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