Monday, February 3, 2014

The Top 5 Best Renovations to Increase the Value of Your Home

Everyone wants to improve their home in one way or another. The list of possibilities is almost endless but what home improvements will increase the value of your home the most and provide you with the best return on your hard earned dollars? A recent survey of realtors nationwide has produced the following list of the top 5 home improvement projects guaranteed to get you the most “bang for your buck”.

# 5 –  Sound Advice
Today’s home buyers are more tech savvy than ever before and homes with built in speaker systems are definitely seen as an added value. There are actually 2 separate systems that will appeal to buyers and it’s better to install both if you can. First off a central sound system with a speaker in every room has become quite popular and depending upon the features can be very affordable. It should have a remote to control the music from anywhere in the home for convenience and can be as simple as a radio tuner but could also include the ability to play CD’s, MP3’s and so on.

The second system should be a surround sound system for watching videos wherever your big screen is located. Everyone enjoys a good movie or watching their favorite band in concert with a good surround sound speaker system.

# 4 – Everyone Likes a Beautiful Lawn – No One Likes the Work!
Some home buyers are truly impressed with beautiful landscaping while others tend to think “Wow, that’s a lot of work”. Whether you have an award winning garden or a simple grass lawn an automatic sprinkler system is definitely a great investment whether you are staying for the next 20 years or planning to sell in the near future.

# 3 –The Greener the Better
The demand for energy efficient homes is definitely on the rise with home shoppers and the more, the better. More than ever before in history people are concerned with ecology and the environment and this is no more evident than in the housing market. Any home improvement that saves energy is a great investment today be it as simple as ceiling fans in every room or storm doors or as complex as multi-zone energy efficient HVAC systems and triple paned windows. In today’s market educated consumers are definitely keeping an eye out for “energy wise” housing.

# 2 – A Great Bathroom Sells Houses
Nothing can scare away a potential buyer quicker than a dirty or outdated bathroom. Niceties such as recessed vanities and bright lighting are a must and a dirty or stained bathtub gives the impression that the entire home is not well maintained. “If the bathroom looks this bad, what about the things that we can’t see” is the first thought that a house shopper will have and just as importantly the assessed value of the home will be dramatically affected.

# 1 – The Kitchen Remains the Most Important Room in the Home
Studies have shown over and over again that the kitchen is the one room in a home that has the most effect on its value.  Some of the most popular improvements throughout the country today include upgrading to stainless steel appliances and installing authentic granite countertops. As in the bathroom proper lighting and cleanliness are vital as well and even small improvements such as new faucets and cabinet handles make a big difference.

If you are planning to invest money into your home any of these projects are money well spent. Tomorrow’s blog will feature the top 5 worst home improvements for homeowners to consider.

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