Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What If You NEVER Had to Cut the Grass Again? It’s Possible!

Now that winter is here most of us are enjoying the football season. While the half time festivities are underway take a moment and look at all of that beautiful grass on the playing field. It’s beautiful isn’t it? As you probably know most of the football stadiums today (if not all) use what is known as “artificial turf” or basically, fake grass.

Can you imagine how much time and energy is saved by not having to maintain all of that grass? Well, now you can have the same convenience at home. Just imagine all of the time you can save not worrying about mowing your lawn! There are many companies that now specialize in installing artificial grass for homes of any size. No more lawn mower or lawn mower maintenance, no more working up a sweat on a hot summer’s day, no more ugly lawn in the winter. Here are some of the many reasons that you might consider this home improvement for your castle.

Very Low Maintenance – The most obvious benefit of having artificial grass is the hundreds (or thousands) of hours you will save in maintaining a real lawn. Whether you do the work yourself or pay a service you will reap the rewards in time, money or both. There are few home improvements that offer such an immediate and guaranteed return on your investment dollars. And don’t forget, no water required! What a great money saver for those of us that live in hot summer climates.

Permanent Green! – Regardless of the weather your lawn will always look great. Remember how much work there is when spring finally arrives not to mention the cost of fertilizer and pesticides? With fake grass those days are over and your lawn looks as good the first day of spring as it does on the last day of summer. Did I mention no weeds?

Designed to Last – Many people wonder if artificial grass is “tough”. Will it stand up under harsh conditions such as multiple pets, bad weather, heavy traffic and the infamous 4th of July cookout? The answer is a definite yes. In fact, the fake stuff is actually more durable than natural grass and will last for many years to come.

Safe for Both People and Pets – In case you’re wondering if there are any “side effects” or issues regarding man’s (and woman’s) best friend, the answer is no. Artificial grass is perfectly safe and healthy for Rover and in fact is actually more hygienic than real grass. Remember, fake grass has no allergens and doesn’t support many of those little creepy crawly things that like to ruin our cookouts! Best of all you can install this in places where real grass wouldn’t grow very well such as next to a chlorinated pool or on a roof garden. I have a feeling that this is going to be the next big trend of 2014 and if not, well, it should be!

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