Friday, January 24, 2014

The Hottest New Trend for Interior Doors

Every once in a while something new comes along that really makes sense. In this case it is the modern alternative to the standard hinged door that all of us have in our homes. The interesting thing here is that this “new innovation is nothing new at all, it is a throwback to the old fashioned sliding barn door that many of us have seen as children, even if it was in an old black and white movie.

Space Saving, Attractive and Convenient
I must admit that I rather like these wall mounted sliding doors as an alternative to the standard swinging door. First of all they are great if you need to save a little extra space in a small room or storage closet by adding up to an additional 14 square feet of usable space. With these doors installed you can place furniture very close to the room entrance without the need to allow enough space for the door to be opened; a very useful feature in a very small home or trailer. Secondly, they look great in the right environment and add a unique and stylish flair in the proper décor. The third advantage to having one of these doors installed is that you can easily make it much wider than a standard hinged door making it much easier to move large items in and out of a room and adding a big convenience for anyone that may need the use of a wheelchair.

Commercial buildings can benefit greatly as well from this newest fashion statement, especially retail shops that deal in larger items such as furniture, appliances and the like. I see a possible safety benefit as well because the larger opening made possible by this type of sliding door will allow many more people to evacuate a building much more quickly in the event of some type of emergency. Everything said and done I like this newest home trend and I think if done well it could be a great fashion statement in just about any home.

Strong and Built to Last
Like any investment we make in our home we want something to last. The hardware that enables these doors to slide can hold up to 400 pounds and uses a commercial grade I-beam track with multiple ball-bearing hangars. Although heavy duty in construction the doors open quietly and easily even for a small child and will last for many years to come.

Choices to Fit any Décor
Just the same as their 3 hinged brother the new wall mounted sliding doors are available in a huge variety of designs. Some are as basic as a standard door or highly detailed including some very ornate patterns that incorporate cross buck detailing and can even include some rather fancy metal ornamentation as part of the design. They are available in various sizes and can be as wide as 5 feet and as tall as 9 feet. Now THAT is a truly grand entrance! Homeowners today are using these doors in bedrooms, dining rooms and master baths and are able to create an entire “new look” thanks to these very stylish and unique doors now available on the market. I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more of these in the future.

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