Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is it possible that there is a hidden room in your home that you don’t even know about?

Well, believe it or not many people have discovered secret rooms in their homes that they had no idea existed! There are many reasons that people decide to put secret rooms in their homes. Some reasons for these covert spaces are as innocent as creating a hidden play room for the kiddies or as a place to hide valuables from possible intruders. There are of course the more nefarious motives for creating hidden rooms ranging from illegal activities such as the manufacturing of illegal drugs all the way to the macabre.  Do you recall when sheriff’s deputies found a hidden room in the home of a very famous pop star that reportedly was filled with “inappropriate” material involving children?

While an older home is more likely to contain a secret room many modern homes are designed to incorporate hidden chambers as part of the actual construction process. The truth is that there are many good reasons to have a hidden room in your home today; it’s not as farfetched as it may sound.

The first and most obvious reason for a secret room is what is currently known as a “safe room”. It is designed as a shelter against home invasions and is actually a pretty good idea in my opinion. These rooms are built to be very strong and are practically impenetrable from intruders. They are often designed to be hidden so that the home invaders aren’t even aware that someone is in the home and provide a place of safety until the authorities arrive.

The 2nd most popular reason for a hidden space in today’s home is as a storm or emergency shelter. These spaces usually contain items such as food, water and medicines and are designed to provide life giving necessities for an extended period of time. You might be surprised to learn just how many people have such hidden shelters. If I were to create a secret room in my home I would prefer a combination of both types that I have just described; a safe room AND a shelter from natural disaster.

Many people have incorporated secret rooms in their homes for much simpler reasons such as a private and quiet place to go or simply for the fun of it! A hidden bar and billiard room would be kinda cool, wouldn’t it? What about a secret media room for watching your favorite movies in peace and quiet? I even saw a play room for children that had its secret entrance behind a standing wardrobe in their bedroom. Now that is very cool!

So, do you have a room in your home that you’re not aware of? You just might be one of hundreds of people every year that find that they have a bit more square footage than they assumed! And who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the few that discovers a baseball card worth a million bucks or a priceless piece of history! I suggest starting with that “empty” space under the stairs.  Are you sure that’s not a sliding panel?

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