Friday, January 3, 2014

Cabin Fever 101!

I love being snowed in! I know that some people despise being stuck in the house during a heavy snow fall but I consider it an unplanned vacation! Still, I must admit that after being stuck in the house for a few days with the kiddies we all tend to get a touch of “cabin fever”. So what do you do after you’ve had your fill of sleigh riding and snowball fights? Here are a few ideas to make your unplanned vacation as enjoyable as possible.

Video Extravaganza!
Just about everybody owns a video camera these days but if you’re like me it’s probably sitting on a shelf somewhere. Maybe this is a good time to dust it off and put it to good use! If not chances are good that your cell phone will make pretty good vides as well. One way to keep the little ones thawed out and not dying of boredom is to let them make their very own home movie. Using their imagination will keep them entertained for hours and when all’s said and done you just might have a true YouTube original!

Board is better than Bored!
There’s no better time for Monopoly or Parcheesi (my favorite) than a snowy day. It’s a great way to spend some quality family time and a little competition can quickly while away the hours. Card games can also be fun and in the end you just might create some wonderful family memories.

Baking, Eating and More Eating!
What could be more fun than baking your favorite cookies while being stuck in the house? You can spend the entire day baking away and the entire evening eating.  If you have a fireplace and some hot cocoa the trilogy is complete and you’ll have a “guilty” treat night that you’ll never forget!

Enjoy an Indoor Picnic
Think that picnics are only fun on a warm spring day? Think again! All you need for a wintery indoor picnic is a blanket and lots of goodies. Staying in your pajamas is a relaxing touch and who doesn’t like to eat in their pajamas? This will be a night that the kids will never forget!

When All Else Fails……
If there’s one thing everybody loves it’s watching their favorite TV programs, right? Make a movie night for the whole family and be sure to pick something that everybody enjoys watching together. Then it’s a simple matter of munchies and relaxation. That’s a good way to spend an evening even if you’re not stranded at home!

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