Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Most Amazingly Decorated Xmas Homes You Will Ever See!

Do you enjoy decorating the outside of your home for the holidays? I remember when I was a child it seemed like a lot more people took the time to do it but as the years go by I seem to see it less and less. That's a real shame if you ask me.

I can remember sitting in the back seat of the car as we visited family and friends and seeing all of the beautifully decorated homes. It was very exciting and made me think of Xmas morning and all of the goodies that Santa would surely bring! Now that I have my own children they get just as excited as I used to!

There was always that one special home that was better than all the rest. It was the true neighborhood champion of Xmas decorations and there was even a full size Santa with his reindeer and sleigh! I thought those days might be gone forever but thank goodness some people still take the time to present us all with the wonderful sites of the season.

Maybe you don't have the time to drive around and look at all of the beautiful homes this year so here are the 10 most amazingly decorated homes I could find! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did.

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