Monday, October 28, 2013

Would You Sell a REAL Haunted House?

OK, I realize that not everyone believes in ghosts so maybe the word “haunted” was a bad choice. Let’s put it this way; would you sell a home to a client if you had personally experienced some “weird” things in the home? The question here is how much information should you divulge to prospective clients if you truly believe that there is something strange about the home?

Did you know that ½ of U.S. states actually have laws pertaining to what is referred to as “stigmatized properties”? Although most of the states with this type of legislation don’t require such information to be disclosed, some actually do. Simply stated a stigmatized property is one that has no known physical defects but is being sold at a reduced price due to psychological or emotional factors. This would include properties that have been the site of a suicide, murder or are known to be haunted, yes, haunted.

So, when should you say something or simply be quiet? I suggest using common sense. First of all, informing an interested client that a home may be haunted could cause real problems for you if they don’t believe in such matters. Not only could you lose the sale but your reputation might be affected as well. I see it this way: Creaky pipes, opening doors and lights that flicker are easily explained away with “natural” causes and I wouldn’t lose any sleep over that. However, if you personally experience serious phenomena such as objects moving on their own or hearing voices or sounds that cannot be explained I think it is only right that you inform the client. I mean after all, is it ethical to sell someone a home that is clearly not a place that they (or anyone) could be satisfied to live in?

I have never had anything so strange happen to me that I could not explain it in some logical manner but I have felt “uncomfortable” in homes before and could not explain why. Have you ever had a truly strange experience in a home or property? If so, please share it with me, I’d love to hear about it!

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